Martin County

Protecting homes and businesses from the devastating effect of flooding has been a key focal point for Rogers. He has secured essential infrastructure funds for flood control projects along the Tug and Levisa Forks of the Big Sandy. These efforts attract businesses and encourage economic development, while giving families the peace of mind that they are safe in their homes.  

Economic development is key to moving southern and eastern Kentucky forward and that is why Rogers helped bring jobs to Martin County by supporting the location of a federal prison in the Big Sandy region. Rogers was also instrumental in securing funding for the KY 645 “Fly-over Bridge” project in Inez.   This extension of KY3 relieves congestion, spurs job growth, and makes important safety improvements.

The health and wellbeing of individuals, families and seniors in southern and eastern Kentucky is a priority for Rogers. As such, he secured federal funds for the Roy F. Collier Community Center in Inez and the Martin County Health Initiative so individuals have a resource for wellness and prevention.  Together, the community center and health initiative are raising awareness and providing a good opportunity to raise healthy families.

UNITE Coalitions 

Martin County UNITE Coalition

Celebrate Recovery 

If you or someone you know is having problems related to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, anger issues, anxiety, physical or emotional abuse, or other life-controlling issues, then please check out the Celebrate Recovery group in Inez.

Martin County PRIDE 

Homes Affected by Waste Water Treatment Programs

116 homes in Martin County have received funding from the Homeowner Septic System Program
84 homes in Martin County have been affected by the Wastewater Construction Projects
506 homes in Martin County have been affected by the Corps of Engineers Projects

Cleanup Summary

Following is a summary of cleanup totals for Martin County:

17 streams/lakes/rivers cleaned
62 dumps eliminated
122 roadways cleaned
744 miles of roadway cleaned
9,333 individual appliances and 46.5 tons of appliances collected
16,448 tires collected
12,658 bags of trash and 6,857.92 tons of trash collected
1,230 volunteers have contributed 5,593 volunteer hours