Harlan County

Protecting homes and businesses from the devastating effect of flooding has been a key focal point for Rogers.  He has secured essential infrastructure funds for flood control projects in Harlan County so that businesses can continue to promote economic development and families can feel safe in their homes. Rogers has also been instrumental in securing funding to replace unsafe and inadequate bridges in the City of Cumberland. 

Bringing tourism to the region is another important way to boost economic development and create jobs. That is why Rogers secured funding for the Portal 31 Mine Exhibit in Lynch which is helping to showcase the rich history of coal mining in the region. Rogers was also an early supporter of opening up the Pine Mountain Trail which brings adventure tourism to Harlan County.

Opening up southern and eastern Kentucky through expanding road infrastructure is key to economic development. Rogers has made transportation a priority and secured funding to make U.S. 119 a reality. He continues to work to secure funding to upgrade and expand 119 in Harlan County so that the local community can continue to grow and bring new jobs to the region.

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PHOTOS: The newly constructed Nicey Hazen Bridge replaces the old Billips Avenue Bridge in Cumberland, Kentucky as part of a Flood Damage Reduction Project for Harlan County. 


Harlan County UNITE Coalition and SKCTC Cumberland and Harlan Campuses

HOFNOD “Take Me Fishing” summer program

Hooked On Fishing-Not On Drugs (HOFNOD) is a free “Take Me Fishing” program at Martins Fork Lake at Smith, Kentucky. There is free food and fun for everyone and all gear is provided. Hooked On Fishing-Not On Drugs is used widely in more than 30 states and territories. It teaches the basics of safe and ethical angling combined with long-term mentoring and positive life skills with conservation education. Visit www.futurefisherman.org to find out more on HOFNOD. 

Support groups

An average of 50 youth continue to attend the weekly Celebrate Recovery meetings held at Cumberland baptist Church. An average of 35 participants attend the weekly meetings at Harlan Christian Church. Reformers Unanimous sessions at Immanuel Baptist Church in Teetersville draws an average of 20 participants.

Harlan County PRIDE 

Homes Affected by Waste Water Treatment Programs

471 homes in Harlan County have received funding from the Homeowner Septic System Program
1,747 homes in Harlan County have been affected by Wastewater Construction Projects
1,403 homes in Harlan County have been affected by the Corps of Engineers Projects

Cleanup Summary

Following is a summary of cleanup totals for Harlan County:
22 streams/lakes/rivers cleaned
188 dumps eliminated
565 roadways cleaned
1,365 miles of roadway cleaned
4,216 individual appliances and 74.4 tons of appliances collected
12,687 tires collected
24,169 bags of trash, 13,965 tons of trash and 90 cubic yards of trash collected
8,911 volunteers have contributed 41,444 hours
54,000 pounds of recycling