Passports are obtained through the Department of State. 

To apply for a new passport, renew an expired passport, or obtain additional passport pages, visit your local Passport Agent. Passport agents are usually located at your local post office, and in select federal buildings and circuit courts. 

Be sure to consult the State Department for application forms and a list of required materials before your visit to your local passport agent. You can also check the status of a passport application through the State Department. 

Under the best of circumstances, the State Department requires 30-40 days to process a passport. If you are traveling and require a passport sooner, please contact the Somerset District Office

Visas may be required to travel overseas; please note that passports must be obtained from the State Department before applying for a visa. 

Be an informed traveler: Check travel warnings before you depart. Note the address and phone number of the nearest U.S. Embassy

Enjoy your trip!