• Apropriations link Appropriations
    Rogers served as Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee from 2011 to 2016, where he pioneered the path for historic discretionary spending cuts, rigorous oversight, and an open, transparent process. Keep Reading >>

  • Economic Development link Economic Development
    In his 32 years in Congress, Rogers has been committed to supporting projects that promote economic development, job creation, a stronger infrastructure, and a better standard of living for Kentuckians in the 5th Congressional District and nationwide. Rogers was instrumental in standing up the Southeast Kentucky Economic Development Corporation which offers local businesses low interest loans, business development assistance, and technical advice. Keep Reading >>

  • Education link Education
    One of Rogers’ top priorities is to provide our best and brightest students from southern and eastern Kentucky top-notch educational and career training opportunities to stay at home, start and grow local businesses, participate in civic, cultural and faith-based organizations, and realize their future belongs in the region. Keep Reading >>

  • Energy Link Energy
    Rogers has been a strong advocate in Congress for advancing our nation's domestic energy production, particularly safe and environmentally-responsible coal mining. For over 30 years, Rogers has dedicated himself to advancing Kentucky energy jobs, keeping energy and gas prices low, and strengthening our nation’s energy security.Keep Reading >>

  • Environment Link Environment
    As co-founder of the PRIDE program, Rogers has helped to protect and preserve the beauty of southern and eastern Kentucky by reinvigorating personal responsibility for our natural treasures and providing thousands of families with sanitary sewer, trash-free roads, and clean lakes and streams. Keep Reading >>

  • Homeland Security Link Homeland Security
    When the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created in 2003, Rogers was proud to serve as the first chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security, organizing 22 federal agencies under one umbrella to enhance national security matters. In similar fashion, Rogers has been a staunch supporter of our men and women in uniform, working to ensure they receive adequate training, equipment, and family support to accomplish the mission. Keep Reading >>

  • Health Care Link Health Care
    As many areas of Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District have been underserved in terms of health care, Rogers has worked hard to increase access to medical services, improve health facilities, and promote the overall health and well-being of southern and eastern Kentuckians. Keep Reading >>

  • Illegal Drugs Link Illegal Drugs
    The abuse of prescription painkillers is a national epidemic, with prescription drug overdoses now surpassing motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of accidental death nationwide. As co-founder of the Congressional Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse, Rogers is leading the fight for a drug-free America. Locally, by establishing Operation UNITE, Rogers has championed a three-pronged approach of investigations, treatment, and education to attack local drug problems. Keep Reading >>

  • Social Security Link Social Security
    Social Security is vital to the stability of our senior citizens and today millions of hard-working families are counting on this program in their retirement years. Rogers is committed to protecting our seniors, while ensuring the program remains solvent for generations. Keep Reading >>

  • Taxes Link Taxes
    With a current federal tax system that is overly complicated, hard to understand, and one that discourages investment and wealth-creation, Rogers supports efforts to simplify the tax code, end the estate tax, and reduce the tax burden on small businesses and working families. Keep Reading >>

  • Tourism Link Tourism
    Through his creation of TOUR Southern and Eastern Kentucky (TOUR SEKY), Rogers has helped enhance and promote tourism throughout the region to promote our people, our heritage and our regions natural beauty, all the while contributing to our long-term economic growth and job creation. Keep Reading >>

  • Transportation Link Transportation
    Improving Kentucky’s transportation network is one of the most effective ways to promote economic growth and prosperity. By partnering with federal, state, and local officials, Rogers has worked to bring high-paying jobs to Southern and Eastern Kentucky, improve roadways and local airports, and ensure that a fair share of federal gasoline tax dollars return to the Commonwealth. Keep Reading >>

  • Veterans Link Veterans
    America is the greatest nation on earth because of the courageous men and women who have served and defended our precious freedoms. As a former member of the National Guard, Rogers has been a strong voice in Congress for veterans and ensuring they receive the benefits they deserve. Keep Reading >>