Magoffin County

Protecting homes and businesses from the devastating effect of flooding has been a key focal point for Rogers. He has secured essential infrastructure funds for flood control projects in Salyersville and beyond so that businesses in Magoffin County can continue to promote economic development and families can feel safe in their homes.  He also successfully fought for FEMA to cover nearly all of the eligible costs from the May 2009 floods that overwhelmed local communities and resources.  

For years southern and eastern Kentucky has been plagued by straight pipes, inadequate septic systems and contaminated drinking water.  Sensing the need, Rogers has supported programs which have expanded Magoffin County’s water line infrastructure which helps the environment, is important for economic development and essential for clean drinking water.

Bringing tourism to the region is another important way to boost economic development and create jobs.  Toward that effort, Rogers secured funding for Pioneer Village in Salyersville.  This site captures a sense of the vibrant history and heritage of Magoffin County for visitors, schoolchildren, and area families.

UNITE Coalition 

Magoffin ASAP/Drug-Free Communities UNITE Coalition

Magoffin County PRIDE 

Magoffin County PRIDE Accomplishments

Homes Affected by Waste Water Treatment Programs

112 homes in Magoffin County have received funding from the Homeowner Septic System Program

Cleanup Summary

Following is a summary of cleanup totals for Magoffin County:

36 dumps eliminated
28 roadways cleaned
119 miles of roadway cleaned
6,703 individual appliances and 43 tons of appliances collected
3,157 tons of tires collected
2,691 bags of trash and 1,011 tons of trash collected
2,619 volunteers have contributed 7,373 hours