Carter County

Congressman Rogers welcomes Carter County to Kentucky's Fifth Congressional District for the first time during his service in Congress.

As part of Congressman Rogers' commitment to the entire Fifth Congressional District, Carter County now has access to many of the programs that were designed to address common issues and interests in southern and eastern Kentucky, including: The Center for Rural DevelopmentForward in the Fifth, the Southeast Kentucky Economic Development Corporation (SKED), PRIDE, and Operation UNITE.


Carter County Drug Free Coalition

P.O. Box 1063, Grayson, KY 41143 


PRIDE Coordinators are volunteers who play a vital role in building PRIDE in communities across the region. The coordinators work directly with the PRIDE staff to schedule cleanup activities, recruit volunteers and track cleanup results. PRIDE Coordinators also assist local officials with the PRIDE programs, including applications.

PRIDE invites all mayors and county judge-executives in our 42 county service area to designate a PRIDE Coordinator. Some communities appoint two co-coordinators. In addition, nonprofit organizations that receive PRIDE grants also can appoint coordinators. The length of a PRIDE Coordinator’s term of service is left to the discretion of his or her mayor or judge.

Please call your local PRIDE Coordinator to learn more about PRIDE in your community.


ARPDI: The Center for Rural Development is partnering with Brushy Fork Institute to provide in-county community capacity building and support to communities building philanthropy through the Appalachian Rural Development Philanthropy Initiative (ARDPI).

In 2012, Carter County received a $10,000 mini-grant for work to plan and build capacity around local philanthropy development. Carter County planned a host of meetings to discuss the philanthropy initiative, provided information, gained interest and support throughout the county.

Their goal was to increase public understanding of the value of a community foundation and identify key individuals to form an organized committee. They also hired a consultant to provide guidance and direction during the planning process. As a result of the mini-grant, they have an official Carter County Foundation Board, have completed a community-wide survey of needs, including youth focus groups and have increased knowledge about community foundations in Carter County. They are set to move forward in the second year of the project by affiliating with an existing community foundation and continuing to educate their community.