Press Releases

U.S. Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers’ (KY-05) statement on why he voted against Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s government-run health care bill today and why he supports the Republican health care plan:

“We can all agree that health care costs are too high and that we need to open up access for more Americans. That being said, we need to pass a bill that actually cuts costs and increases access rather than a government-run takeover of your health care,” said Rogers. “Today, I voted against Speaker Pelosi’s monstrosity of a bill because it puts a Washington bureaucrat between you and your doctor, it adds to our enormous debt in Washington, and, even more frightening, it will limit health care availability in rural regions like southern and eastern Kentucky.

“In these challenging economic times, with double digit unemployment, out of control government spending sprees, and bailout after bailout, we should not pass a bill that will kill jobs and raise taxes. Speaker Pelosi’s government-run health care bill not only imposes new penalties and taxes on small businesses, it raises taxes on already struggling individuals and families. Whether you want health insurance or not, you’ll be forced to purchase it, and the federal government will garnish your wages or send you to jail if you don’t. Even more troubling, the more vulnerable and ailing you are, the more you’ll pay, as this bill imposes new taxes on critical medical supplies, like wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, hospital beds, and prosthetic limbs. As if that wasn’t enough, the bill opens the floodgates of taxpayer money for illegal immigrants to abuse the system and obtain free government health insurance – all on the backs of law-abiding Americans. Lastly, I am scared for our seniors as this bill makes devastating cuts to the Medicare program to the tune of $500 billion dollars, and puts the popular Medicare Advantage program on life support, virtually eliminating its existence.

“I support the Republican alternative health care bill that focuses on lowering health care premiums for families and small businesses, increases access to affordable high-quality health care, and promotes healthier lifestyles without adding to Washington’s crushing debt. The plan I support guarantees access to affordable care for those with pre-existing conditions, ends junk lawsuits against our doctors, allows small businesses to band together to purchase insurance for their employees and allows individuals to shop for insurance across state lines. Simple and less costly initiatives such as these will lower insurance premiums by at least 10%, and provide health insurance to millions more Americans.

“Today’s vote reflects a fundamental and drastic change in our way of life, and is the largest government intrusion into the private lives of our citizens ever. I, for one, am truly frightened by the potential consequences.”