Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers (KY-05) announced today that the House of Representatives has approved $4.8 million in federal funding for transportable generators for the Kentucky National Guard. Through Rep. Rogers’ efforts, the Kentucky National Guard will be able to supply portable generators to key facilities and locations in the event of a manmade or natural disaster. The Senate is expected to vote on this final 2010 defense spending legislation soon.

“No one can forget the freezing temperatures, hazardous conditions, and lives that were lost in January 2009 when the ice storm crippled the Commonwealth. This disaster was simply overwhelming,” said Rogers. “We’ve learned our lesson and these portable generators are essential life-saving tools so that the Kentucky National Guard has the necessary equipment to turn the lights back on should such an event strike. By having the ability to provide electricity at a moments notice, lives can be saved and the impact of severe weather or a power grid disruption can be significantly minimized. The Kentucky National Guard is our first line of defense in times of emergency and the ability of these hometown heroes just got better.”

This funding will go towards purchasing a portion of 324 air transportable back-up power generators of varying sizes needed for installation at 52 of Kentucky’s National Guard armories with the remainder designated for distribution to critical facilities in the first 24 hours of an emergency response situation in the Commonwealth. Rapid and effective emergency response is a critical component of the Kentucky National Guard’s Defense Support to Civil Authorities mission and these generators are key so that locations such as hospitals, shelters, fire stations, police stations, and emergency response management locations can quickly be supplied power in case of an emergency.

Through his role as a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, Rogers works to secure valuable funding for important initiatives in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.