Laurel County

Having adequate facilities to prosecute and try criminals is important for every local community. Toward that effort, Rogers secured funding for the new Federal Courthouse in London. Now, the region has the facility necessary to take drug dealers and others to task so that the community can be safer and keep drugs off the streets.

Opening up southern and eastern Kentucky through expanding road infrastructure is critical to economic development. Rogers has made transportation a priority and secured funding to expand U.S. 25 to alleviate congestion and improve safety on this important thoroughfare. He was also instrumental in securing funding for an I-75 frontage road. These improvements make Laurel County easier to navigate and primed for more economic growth. 

Kentucky’s fifth district has a reputation for a strong, vibrant workforce, low energy costs, and a meaningful quality of life. For decades, Rogers has endeavored to open up Laurel County and the entire region to federal business and service opportunities, chiefly through coordination with the non-profit, Southeast Kentucky Economic Development Corporation.  These efforts have resulted in successfully attracting forward-leaning companies like Senture in establishing and growing operations in southern and eastern Kentucky.


Laurel County UNITE Coalition

Support groups

Laurel County has three weekly Lifeline groups: a Drug and Alcohol Recovery group and two Concerned Persons groups. There are two weekly Celebrate Recovery programs, one at Hawk Creek Baptist Church and one at Crossroads Baptist Church.

Laurel County PRIDE 

Homes Affected by Waste Water Treatment Programs

208 homes in Laurel County have received funding from the Homeowner Septic System Program
154 homes in Laurel County have been affected by the Wastewater Construction Projects
76 homes in Laurel County have been affected by the Corps of Engineers Projects

Cleanup Summary

Following is a summary of cleanup totals for Laurel County:
19 streams/lakes/rivers cleaned
40 dumps eliminated
478 roadways cleaned
1,234 miles of roadway cleaned
3,028 individual appliances and 306.66 tons of appliances collected
15,836 tires collected
19,142 bags of trash, 25,276 tons of trash and 210 cubic yards of trash collected
40,333 volunteers have contributed 111,315 volunteer hours
2,400 pounds and 27 bags of recycling