Clay County

Economic development is key to moving southern and eastern Kentucky forward. Rogers worked diligently to bring jobs to Clay County by supporting the construstrion of the Manchester Federal Corrections Institution (FCI).

Dismas Charities Manchester Re-entry Center Ribbon-Cutting

In December 2016, Congressman Rogers and Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers also celebrated the grand opening of a half-way house for the Manchester FCI. Dismas Charities Manchester Re-entry Center created 22 new jobs in Clay County. Dismas Charities was awarded a competitive federal contract with the Manchester FCI to help individuals transition back into society. The Manchester Re-Entry Center provides in-house services to 27 men and women from the Eastern District of Kentucky and 14 home confinement residents. Click here to learn more.

Rogers has also been instrumental in designating funding for key medical technology upgrades at Manchester Memorial Hospital.  These upgrades not only improve health care in the region, but provides new and meaningful job opportunities in the growing medical field.

The epidemic of drug abuse has affected nearly every individual, community and family in southern and eastern Kentucky. Recognizing the difficult challenges that exist, Rogers has championed the fight against illegal drugs and in particular, helping drug users get help. He was instrumental in securing funds to construct the Chad’s Hope Center in Manchester.  This facility helps individuals seeking treatment to break their drug addiction find hope and a place to go for help and rehabilitation. 

Opening up southern and eastern Kentucky through expanding road infrastructure is key to moving the region forward and attracting new business.  Rogers has made transportation a priority and secured funding to build the access road to the industrial park in Clay County.

Clay County UNITE


Lifeline continues to be a primary focus of coalition efforts, with special emphasis on family support. A variety of Lifeline programs are offered, including: weekly Drug and Alcohol Recovery adult and teen programs in Manchester and Horse Creek, and Concerned Persons groups in Manchester and Island Creek.

Chad's Hope

Clay County is home to the Chad’s Hope Center, a faith-based substance abuse treatment center. The facility is named after the land donors who lost their son, Chad McWhorter, to a drug overdose. UNITE offers one-time vouchers to some addicts who otherwise cannot afford treatment at “Chad’s Hope.”

Clay County PRIDE

Clay County PRIDE Accomplishments 

Homes Affected by Waste Water Treatment Programs

202 homes in Clay County have received funding from the Homeowner Septic System Program
305 homes in Clay County have been affected by the Wastewater Construction Projects
18 homes in Clay County have been affected by the Corps of Engineers Projects

Cleanup Summary

Following is a summary of cleanup totals for Clay County:
14 streams/lakes/rivers cleaned
61 dumps eliminated
574 roadways cleaned
1,180 miles of roadway cleaned
6,904 individual appliances and 1,016 tons of appliances collected
13,363 tires collected
22,500 bags of trash, 11,394 tons of trash and 81 cubic yards of trash collected
12,270 volunteers contributed 45,464 volunteer hours
8,940 pounds of recycling