Morgan County

For years southern and eastern Kentucky has been plagued by straight pipes, inadequate septic systems and contaminated drinking water.  Sensing the need, Rogers has supported programs which have expanded Morgan County’s sewer and water line infrastructure which helps the environment, is important for economic development, and essential for clean drinking water.

Opening up southern and eastern Kentucky through expanded transportation facilities is key to economic development.  Rogers has made transportation a priority and secured funding for the West Liberty Transit facility so that the growing transportation demands of the area can be met and to improve the quality of life for Morgan County residents.

Kentucky’s fifth district has a reputation for a strong, vibrant workforce, low energy costs, and a meaningful quality of life.  For decades, Rogers has endeavored to open up Morgan County and the entire region to federal business and service opportunities, chiefly through coordination with the non-profit, Southeast Kentucky Economic Development Corporation.  These efforts have resulted in successfully assisting forward-leaning companies like Boneal, Inc. to establish and grow operations in West Liberty.

UNITE Coalition 

Morgan County UNITE
Morgan County PRIDE Accomplishments 

Homes Affected by Waste Water Treatment Programs

182 homes in Morgan County have received funding from the Homeowner Septic System Program
200 homes in Morgan County have been affected by the Wastewater Construction Projects
80 homes in Morgan County have been affected by the Corps of Engineers Projects

Cleanup Summary

Following is a summary of cleanup totals for Morgan County:
6 streams/lakes/rivers cleaned
75 dumps eliminated
177 roadways cleaned
1,181 miles of roadway cleaned
3,053 individual appliances and 22 tons of appliances collected
14,717 tires collected
8,303 bags of trash, 10,153 tons of trash and 325 cubic yards of trash collected
1,790 volunteers have contributed 11,007 hours