Knox County

Protecting homes and businesses from the devastating effect of flooding has been a key focal point for Rogers. He has secured essential infrastructure funds for flood control projects in Barbourville and beyond so that businesses in Knox County can continue to grow and expand and families can feel safe in their homes. Downtown Barbourville has now been revitalized because of this funding and beautiful murals can be spotted throughout the area.

The health and wellbeing of individuals, families and seniors in southern and eastern Kentucky is a priority for Rogers. As such, he has secured federal funds for the Wellness Center in Barbourville so that individuals will soon have a resource for wellness and prevention. He was also instrumental in securing funds for Union College to develop a nursing program so that the college can expand and offer important educational opportunities.

Kentucky’s fifth district has a reputation for a strong, vibrant workforce, low energy costs, and a meaningful quality of life. For decades, Rogers has endeavored to open up Knox County and the entire region to federal business and service opportunities, chiefly through coordination with the non-profit, Southeast Kentucky Economic Development Corporation. These efforts have resulted in successfully attracting forward-leaning companies in southern and eastern Kentucky. 

In May 2016, Congressman Rogers joined local and state leaders to celebrate the grand opening of the Barbourville ARH Hospital, saving local healthcare jobs. Click here to see WYMT-TV's story about the event


Knox County PRIDE 

Homes Affected by Waste Water Treatment Programs

351 homes in Knox County have received funding from the Homeowner Septic System Program
293 homes in Knox County have been affected by the Wastewater Construction Projects

Cleanup Summary

Following is a summary of cleanup totals for Knox County:

2 streams/lakes/rivers cleaned
23 dumps eliminated
491 roadways cleaned
1,348 miles of roadway cleaned
409 individual appliances and 3.74 tons of appliances collected
5,248 tires collected
31,204 bags of trash and 493.63 tons of trash collected
18,348 volunteers have donated 37,681 volunteer hours
420 pounds of recyclables