Perry County

For years southern and eastern Kentucky has been plagued by straight pipes, inadequate septic systems and contaminated drinking water.  Sensing the need, Rogers recently secured funding for important water and sewer improvements in the Chavies area.  These efforts help the environment, are important for economic development and essential for clean drinking water.

The health and wellbeing of individuals, families and seniors in southern and eastern Kentucky is a priority for Rogers.  As such, he has secured federal funds for Appalachian Regional Healthcare and the UK Center for Excellence in Rural Health.  ARH not only provides much needed medical support, it is raising awareness and providing educational opportunities so that the local community can raise healthy families.

Bringing new opportunities to the region that will advance the local economy has been a focal point of Rogers.  As a result, he was able to secure funding for the Hazard Airport’s instrument landing system which is vital to improving aviation safety, particularly in mountainous areas.  He also was successful in bringing a law enforcement training and community center to the area so that essential needs of the community can be met.

UNITE Coalitions

Perry County UNITE Coalition & HCTC UNITE Coalition - Hazard Campus
Coordinator: Tom Vicini 606-487-3700

Coalition Meetings
Noon on the 3rd Monday of each month in Room 227 of the First Federal Building at Hazard Community & Technical College, 1 Community Center Drive, Hazard

Perry County UNITE
  • Hazard Community and Technical College has established drug education and information centers on each of its four campuses. These centers provide information about support groups, drugs, treatment options and Operation UNITE. Training materials are available to students, faculty and staff in the HCTC library. Currently hundreds of people have benefitted from the materials.
    Support groups

    The coalition sponsors weekly Lifeline “Stepping Into Freedom,” “Anger Management,” and “Concerned Persons” groups at New Hope Church in Hazard.

    Perry County PRIDE 

    Rosa Couch, Perry County PRIDE Coordinator 
    Tammi Gorman, City of Hazard PRIDE Coordinator 
    Veda Wooton, City of Buckhorn PRIDE Coordinator
    Ernest Back, City of Vicco PRIDE Coordinator

    Perry County PRIDE Accomplishments

    Homes Affected by Wast Water Treatment Programs

    506 homes in Perry County have received funding from the Homeowner Septic System Program
    1,127 homes in Perry County have been affected by the Corps of Engineers Projects

    Cleanup Summary

    Following is a summary of cleanup totals for Perry County:
    49 streams/lakes/rivers cleaned
    99 dumps eliminated
    758 roadways cleaned
    2,558 miles of roadway cleaned
    16,544 individual and 3,140 tons of appliances collected
    48,081 tires collected
    89,741 bags of trash, 9,543 tons of trash and 120 cubic yards of trash collected
    59,138 volunteers donated 182,616 volunteer hours
    212,280 pounds of recyclables collected