Tourism is big business in Kentucky and is another critical component of our region’s economic development strategy. Each year, millions of people visit the Commonwealth, pumping billions of dollars into our economy. The money that flows into restaurants, hotels, craft shops, and local tourist attractions, ultimately flows back into our communities. I have always worked to promote, expand, develop, and market the tourism industry throughout the region and will continue to do so for the mutual enjoyment of our residents and visitors. 

In eastern Kentucky, our state’s famed bluegrass gently shifts into the scenic hills of the Appalachian Mountains. The region is home to some of our country’s most beautiful natural wonders, and I encourage everyone to come visit and see the beauty for themselves. From hiking our canyons and cliffs and the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, to enjoying the water on many of our manmade and natural lakes, to cruising the Country Music Highway, or taking in American history at Mill Springs Battlefield National Monument or similar sites, there is something for everyone in southern and eastern Kentucky.