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WASHINGTON, DC - Over the last two weeks, House Democrats on Capitol Hill voted to defund the police, restrict freedom of speech, remove legal protections for churches and pay for federal campaigns with federal funds. This week, House Democrats are voting to infringe on gun rights, pave the way for taxpayer-funded abortions and drive up our nation's deficit with a $2 trillion dollar spending spree, with only 9% of funds dedicated to COVID-19 relief efforts. 

"Our nation is headed in the wrong direction," said Congressman Rogers. "While the so-called American Rescue Plan includes some benefits for Kentucky, it is grossly unbalanced with stimulus checks for prisoners and illegal immigrants and big ticket projects for Democrats. They have sugar-coated wasteful spending with a litte bit of COVID-relief to grab headlines without telling the full story."

The House will consider two gun-related bills this week that would impose redundant background checks, restrict the rights of responsible gun owners and ultimately fail to prevent mass shootings. 

"We all want to end gun violence, but these bills are not the answer," said Rogers. "Over the last few years, Republicans passed common-sense laws that increased collaboration and training between schools and law enforcement, improved national reporting,and reformed the mental health system. We need a system that prevents violence and protects the rights of responsible gun owners."

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