Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC -- The first four federal funding bills for fiscal year 2020 (FY20) skyrocket spending by $176 billion above current budget caps and fail to address the crisis at our southern border. Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-05) said the nearly $1 trillion appropriations package, led by the Democrat-controlled House, misses the mark on a number of priorities, including national defense and pro-life policies.

"This legislation includes a lot of important funding, but unfortunately, it is overshadowed by an unrealistic spending spree that would jeopardize critical programs and risk sequestration, which would demand devastating cuts to our military," said Rogers, who voted against the minibus. "While much of the nation's focus has been on addressing the humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border, this package fails to provide sufficient funding to care for unaccompanied children. It also reverses pro-life provisions and forces tax-payer dollars to be used for grants to Planned Parenthood clinics. We need to move forward with common-sense legislation that provides a better way for America - not deeper debt and less defense." 

The legislation would also prop up the failing Obamacare system by directing $100 million to expand outreach programs for the unaffordable system.

The House Appropriations package includes: Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education; Defense; State and Foreign Operations; Energy and Water Development. The Democrat-controlled House passed the funding package, which now moves to the Senate for consideration.