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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. House of Representatives today approved the fiscal year 2019 Defense Appropriations bill. The legislation funds the Department of Defense – including operations, readiness, equipment modernization, and health and quality-of-life programs for our troops and military families. 

The legislation provides a total of $674.6 billion for the Department of Defense. This includes $606.5 billion in base discretionary funding – an increase of $17.1 billion above the fiscal year 2018 enacted level. The bill also provides $68.1 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO)/Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) funding. This funding level is consistent with the National Defense Authorization Act which was approved by the House last month, as well as the recently enacted budget agreement. The legislation also includes a 2.6% pay raise for the military, the largest in nine years.

"I was proud to support this bipartisan legislation, which provides our men and women in uniform with the resources necessary to ensure our national security both at home and around the world. This legislation continues the progress that we have made since 2017 to restore the strength—and readiness—of our military,” said Rogers, Chairman Emeritus of the House Appropriations Committee. "This legislation is proof that bipartisanship does still exist in Washington. Those from both sides of the aisle were able to come together to ensure that Congress upholds its most sacred responsibility—to provide for our nation’s common defense."

The legislation supports equipment upgrades to improve readiness and fully funds the military's request for an increase of 15,600 troops. It also includes $205 million for the National Guard Counter-Drug program, which has provided strong support to the Kentucky National Guard in its missions to eradicate illicit marijuana plants from public lands in Eastern Kentucky. It also provides funding for new U.S. Army Blackhawk and Apache helicopters and Grey Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), like those stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

Additionally, the Defense legislation provides $34.4 billion for the Defense Health Program to provide care for our troops, military families and retirees. Specifically, the bill provides $364 million for cancer research, $125 million for traumatic brain injury and psychological health research and $318 million for sexual assault prevention and response. 

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