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Rogers Questions AEP About High Utility Rates

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Rep. Harold "Hal" Rogers (KY-05) recently sent a letter to the American Electric Power (AEP) company questioning why some customers living in Southern and Eastern Kentucky are paying over 200% more for electric bills since last fall. 

The letter highlights examples of utility bills that the congressman has received from individuals, small business owners and non-profit organizations in Kentucky's Fifth Congressional District.

"One gentleman in particular said his AEP bill jumped from $189.59 to $486.31, which will take up more than 32% of his fixed income of $1,582," explained Rogers in the letter. "Like so many other folks in my region, as a result of the unexpected 256% jump in utility rates, he is now forced to decide between paying to keep his home warm and his lights on, paying for his medication, or buying groceries this month."

"While I clearly understand the fluctuation of rates can be partially attributable to changes in weather patterns and other market conditions, the increased rates and added fees appear quite extreme," writes Rogers. "Roughly 20% of the bills provided to me are attributable to unexplained fees, taxes and adjustments totally unrelated to consumption." 

Rogers questioned the amount of fees being passed on to customers and asked what could be done to ensure electricity costs remain consistently affordable to people living in the second-poorest congressional district in the country. The letter ends with a request for a response within 30 days. 

To download a copy of Congressman Rogers' letter to AEP, click here