Press Releases

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers today applauded the passage of critical legislation that would continue funding for the Federal Government beyond the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

The Continuing Resolution (CR) will provide funding at the current rate of operations for the government through December 9, 2016. It also includes the full year Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill, $1.1 billion in emergency funding to fight and prevent the spread of the Zika virus, $500 million in grants to help states recover from recent floods, and $37 million to help fight the nation’s opioid epidemic.

Chairman Rogers made the following statement on the legislation:

“This is a necessary bill that will keep the government open and operating, provide resources for our service members and veterans, and address critical needs across our country related to the Zika virus, the opioid epidemic, and the recent, disastrous floods.

“I have said many times before, a continuing resolution is a last resort. But, it is what we must do to fulfill our congressional responsibility to keep the lights on in our government. This legislation is a good compromise, and I am pleased the House has voted today to send it to the President’s desk.”



  • Funds government operations at $1.067 trillion—the same as FY 16
  • Contains an additional $37 million in funding to fight the opioid epidemic
  • Continues a provision that stops an Obama SEC rule that would force all publicly traded corporations to disclose their political contributions
  • Provides an additional $500 million in grants to states affected by recent, devastating flooding to help families and communities rebuild and recover


  • Provides $1.1 billion to stop the spread of Zika 
    • Includes $400 million in offsets 
  • Targets funding for mosquito control, response and readiness in high-risk states/territories
  • Funds vaccines and diagnostic test research to ensure they are available to the public quickly and safely
  • Supports health care for mothers, children, and others experiencing complications in areas with the highest rates of transmission
  • Implements strong oversight, including funds for the Inspectors General of HHS and USAID
  • Reiterates strong protections against the use of this funding for abortions


  • Totals $82.5 billion — an increase of $2.6 billion above current levels—to support our troops and veterans
  • Provides $74.4 billion in funding for the VA — $2.9 billion above FY16 levels — including an increase to address the backlog of disability claims and funds to support the modernization of the electronic health record
    • In Mount Vernon, Kentucky 600 new jobs were recently added at SourceHOV to ramp up operations to digitize Veterans claims.  
  • Sustains quality housing for 1.3 million military families 
  • Includes funding to care for 9.8 million troops and families at military medical facilities
  • Prohibits the closure of Guantanamo Bay and the construction of any facilities to house detainees in the U.S. or its territories
  • Improves oversight at the VA to address mismanagement, stop waste, and better serve our veterans