Press Releases

U.S. Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers (KY-05) was honored today by The Alliance of States with Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs for his leadership and continued efforts to rid the nation of prescription drug abuse. “I am deeply honored to be recognized today,” said Rogers.

“Southern and eastern Kentucky has been hit hard by the epidemic of drug abuse and I have witnessed first-hand the devastation that is wrought on families and communities. Stopping the spread of this affliction can only be done at the local levels. Operation UNITE and KASPER have been wildly successful throughout my region and that is because the people of Appalachia have banded together and said enough is enough. Together, we will continue to make progress as we fight against prescription drug abuse here in Kentucky and across the nation.”

In 2002, Rogers collaborated with Congressman Frank Wolf (VA-10) to establish the Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program within the Department of Justice. Since then, 47 states and territories have utilized funds from this grant program to plan, implement or enhance prescription drug monitoring programs. This grant program is also currently supporting a project to help states exchange prescription data, which is a vital component in combating an uptick in interstate doctor shopping that has presented a challenge for both the medical and law enforcement communities.

Congressman Rogers has worked to secure $48 million for the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Having seen the rising numbers of people abusing prescription drugs and selling them illegally, Rogers supports this system so that law enforcement and the medical community can effectively monitor drug distribution and diversion. The Alliance of States with Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, which represents all the states that have prescription drug monitoring programs, recognized Rogers for the instrumental role he played in funding this important program which has protected and improved public health and safety for so many around the nation.

The award from The Alliance of States with Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs was presented to Congressman Rogers at their annual meeting held in Washington, DC on September 24, 2009.