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On Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Harold "Hal" Rogers (KY-05) voted in support of common sense federal legislation to rein in high-cost regulations through the "Require Evaluation before Implementing Executive Wishlists Act of 2016" (H.R. 3438) or the "REVIEW Act." The REVIEW Act aims to stop waste and abuse by requiring federal agencies to postpone the effective date of any new billion-dollar rule, if the rule is challenged in court within 60 days.

"We've seen the direct impact of erroneous federal rules in the coalfields of Eastern Kentucky," said Congressman Rogers. "Over the last eight years, the Obama Administration has imposed more than 20 billion-dollar rules, many of which require costly compliance deadlines despite the fact that they are being challenged in court. For example, earlier this year, the Supreme Court blocked the EPA's new regulations for carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants. However, the coal-fired power plants had already moved forward with plans to omit coal, in an effort to remain compliant if regulations were upheld in court. Unfortunately, the cost to transition away from coal was detrimental to the industry, costing the Appalachian region thousands of jobs in one of the poorest parts of the country."

The REVIEW Act would provide employers with assurance that they would have ample time to comply with new, costly regulations when new rules are challenged in court. The legislation also gives agencies an incentive to find lower-cost solutions to regulatory problems.

The REVIEW Act was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives and now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Rogers has served Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District since 1981. With a focus on economic development, job creation, fighting illegal drugs and preserving Appalachia’s natural treasures, he has a reputation for listening to his constituents and fighting for the region he represents. For more information, visit Congressman Rogers' online office at or follow him on Twitter or Instagram @RepHalRogers, and on Facebook.