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U.S. Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers (KY-05) announced that through his efforts, instead of the standard 75%, FEMA will reimburse the Commonwealth of Kentucky for 90% of Public Assistance costs and 100% of essential assistance and debris removal costs for those affected by the May 2009 severe storms. These significant increases will take the cost burden off of state and local governments and accelerate the rebuilding process at little to no cost to the community. Provisions authored by Rogers waiving the current federal cost-share requirements have been included in the pending FY09 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill, which is expected to be considered by the Congress next week:

“Hello, this is Congressman Hal Rogers.

“I am proud to announce that in my continuing efforts to bring relief to those devastated by the severe storms last month. I have succeeded in inserting in a pending bill provisions which will greatly increase the federal share of the costs of flood relief in Eastern Kentucky well above that contained in President Obama’s original disaster declaration. These provisions will require FEMA to increase the federal share of public assistance to 90%, instead of 75%. This will help our communities speed up road repairs, school rebuilding, courthouse fixes, and other public facility improvements.

“Further, and perhaps more importantly, FEMA will now completely cover the costs, 100%, for essential assistance and debris removal on public and private property, instead of 75%. This means that the federal government will pay 100% of help to individuals expenses to address immediate threats to life and property, such as the costs of search and rescue activities, emergency medical care, supplies, and temporary shelter, will all be covered. This congressional action is an enormous win for our region and our people who have suffered greatly this year.

“I’ve been through many of the counties myself to see and survey the damage and have pleaded and pushed state and federal officials to move as quickly as possible toward helping families get back on their feet and piece together their lives. Today, I’m pleased to have worked with my colleagues in Congress to unlock additional federal funds that put us further down the road to recovery.

“This is Congressman Hal Rogers. You have my pledge to continue to work on these important issues and see our communities restored.”

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