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WASHINGTON, DC -- On March 15, 2013, U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) joined several Congressional colleagues to introduce the Stop the Tampering of Prescription Pills (STOPP) Act. It requires commonly abused painkillers to be made with abuse-deterrent formulations. Without Food & Drug Administration (FDA) action or passage of the STOPP Act, generic, easily crushable opioids, like Opana and Oxycontin, are likely to return to medicine cabinets for potential abuse and misuse.  

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“When Oxycontin was first approved by the FDA over a decade ago, it seemed at first glance that its extended-release technology was a godsend for patients suffering from chronic pain.  What no one could foresee was that when you crush these pills, they actually create pain in the form of addiction, abuse and senseless, tragic overdose deaths,” said Rogers, co-founder and co-chairman of the Congressional Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse. “Now we’ve got some promising technology to deter abuse, as well as the benefit of hindsight. This time around, we can see the train coming from a mile away – and we need to step out in front of it to stop another tidal wave of addiction. The FDA has confirmed that they have the authority to prevent these crushable pills from falling into the hands of our children, but time is of the essence. If the FDA will not act boldly, Congress will – with the STOPP Act. I am proud to join Rep. Keating in introducing this legislation which will save lives and promote innovation.”


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Rogers joined with former Representative Mary Bono Mack to form the Congressional Caucus on Prescription Drug Abuse in 2009. Rogers has served Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District since 1981. With a focus on economic development, job creation, fighting illegal drugs and preserving Appalachia’s natural treasures, he has a reputation for listening to his constituents and fighting for the region he represents. For more information, visit follow Rogers on Twitter!/RepHalRogers or on Facebook!/CongressmanHalRogers.