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LOUISA, Ky —  Pregnant women with substance use disorders now have a new resource in Eastern Kentucky for recovery. U.S. Rep. Harold “Hal” Rogers (KY-05) joined state and local leaders in Louisa on Thursday morning for a ribbon-cutting celebration for Karen’s Place Maternity Center operated by Addiction Recovery Care. 

“Every month, there are more than 100 new cases of infants born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) in Kentucky. That's why this new maternity center is so vital. It gives pregnant women who struggle with addiction, the support they need to give birth to healthy babies. I'm so proud of the mothers here who have the courage to battle through this disease for their own health and for the sake of their children," said Congressman Rogers. "This facility is an anchor of hope for so many women in our region.”

Since Karen’s Place Maternity Center opened, 33 of 42 infants born to residents of the facility have spent five days or less in the hospital after delivery. Meanwhile, infants who suffer from withdrawals spend an average of 20 days in neonatal intensive care units (NICU).

“Welcome to a place where mothers can be loved back to life and where babies don’t have to be born with NAS or developmental disabilities,” said Tim Robinson, President and CEO of Addiction Recovery Care. “Thanks to the mission arm of the National Association of the Freewill Baptist Church, we were able to furnish and renovate this facility much quicker than we could have otherwise.”

Support from the Freewill Baptist organization will also help expand capacity at other recovery facilities owned by Addiction Recovery Care. Nearly 450 people now work for Addiction Recovery Care - half of those are in recovery, while one-third are graduates.

“My daughter found me overdosed when she was six years old. I’ve done an 18-month stretch in county jail and I’ve been to rehab four or five times. The last time I went to jail, I was pregnant. I kept saying I would quit tomorrow, but I couldn’t quit. I came to Karen’s Place and my life changed. God has done amazing things in my life. I got a UNITE voucher to stay 100 more days and my second daughter was born free of addiction,” said Toddra Hamilton, one of the first graduates at Karen’s Place who now works as a Peer Support Specialist. “Today, I can be a light to my kids. Yes, I struggled with addiction, but I beat it! I will be two years clean in January.”

“What got us started was Operation UNITE and not just us, but facilities across the region have been established because of the seed they planted. Congressman Rogers saw the need 15 years ago.” said Tim Robinson.

“Addiction is losing,” said Matt Brown, Chief of Staff for Addiction Recovery Care. “Folks are coming from crisis to career, just like me.”

President Trump declared October as National Substance Abuse Prevention Month.