Press Releases

U.S. Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers’ (KY-05) statement on why he voted against Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s government-run health care bill today and the detrimental effects it will have on our nation’s health care system:

“Over the last few months, tens of thousands of Kentucky citizens have contacted me, fearful of the potential consequences of this bill and scared for what the future holds. Frankly, so am I, which is why I listened to my constituents today and voted against President Obama’s socialistic, experimental takeover of health care. Though much has been made of the complexities of the bill, and the dishonest way it was brought to the floor for debate, the facts are simple: trillions more in government debt for our country; debilitating higher taxes and new government mandates on individuals; more economic woes for our small businesses; rationing of vital health services by government bureaucrats; longer lines at the doctor for our seniors; and the loss of millions more innocent unborn children to abortion.

“In these challenging economic times, with double digit unemployment and out of control deficit spending, this boondoggle simply adds to our country’s heartache. Costing $1.2 trillion, the bill increases taxes by $570 billion overall, including $52 billion in specific job-killing taxes and mandates on our small businesses. Our seniors and veterans will see the quality of their care diminish, with over $734.5 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, $53 billion stolen from Social Security, and drastic reductions to the VA’s Tricare programs. Paying for this monstrosity on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens is unconscionable.

“Further, the bill uses taxpayer funding to pay for abortions and will adversely impact rural areas like ours by making it difficult for doctors to provide care. I believe insurance premiums will skyrocket, quality of care will diminish and bureaucrats will dictate your personal health care decisions.

“Speaker Pelosi and her minions in Congress continually ignore these basic truths, and despite the clear pleadings from the American people, they have cast their votes to the detriment of our citizens. I will work tirelessly to repeal this legislation, and do everything in my power to implement real health care reform that actually lowers costs and opens up access to more people. If we don’t take action to reverse this damage, we will go from having the best health care in the world, to a system that is beyond repair.”