Press Releases

U. S. Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-05) released the following statement after House Republicans presented A Pledge to America, a new governing agenda focused on addressing the American people’s top priorities. The agenda offers concrete solutions that can be implemented immediately to tackle the issues that are most important to the nation, including job creation, spending restraint, national security, health care, and reform to Congress itself.

“The American people are struggling and they are fed up with the out-of-touch policies and trillion dollar spending sprees that Washington has become accustomed to today. While families pinch pennies to put food on the table and worry if they have enough left over to pay their mortgage, Congress spends their hard-earned taxpayer money and then demands more. Enough is enough. The days of writing blank checks are over. Congress must learn to live within its means and cut wasteful spending once and for all.

“Washington has run amuck and for far too long has ignored hardworking taxpayers and struggling small business owners. This is unacceptable and must end immediately. In an effort to reform Congress, my Republican colleagues and I have offered A Pledge to America, which focuses on issues like creating jobs, reining in spending and paying down the debt. Through this pledge we are presenting a set of bold solutions, renewing a commitment to our founding principles and offering a new way of doing business in Washington.

“The fight for reform begins today. We must empower our small businesses, extend tax cuts for our families, cut spending once and for all, and oppose job killing legislation like “Cap and Trade.” My colleagues and I are prepared to move American forward and restore our founding principle of accountability to the people.”