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Today, House Republican Leader John Boehner (OH-08) tapped U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-05) to serve on the new National Security Solutions Group, which will take the lead in advocating and developing better solutions to the national security challenges facing the country. Rogers will join several of his colleagues and work toward proposing solutions that will keep America safe.

“In a time of continuous threats from terrorists, a drug war raging along our southern border, and fighting the war on terrorism abroad, it is an honor to serve on the National Security Solutions Group and work to keep our nation safe,” said Rogers. “I will use my experience as Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee to propose ideas that will protect our men and women in uniform, protect our border and provide more security for the country. We have seen from the Christmas Day bomber that terrorists have not quit and we must remain vigilant at all levels and I intend to do my part.”

“Addressing the national security challenges we face and protecting the American people are absolutely vital,” said Boehner. “Rep. Rogers has been a leader in our efforts to offer common-sense solutions that keep America safe and support our troops in harm’s way, and he will be a critical part of our national security solutions group.”

Rogers has championed efforts to secure the nation’s borders while also maintaining legitimate travel and trade. Such efforts include: record funding for the border fence, doubling the size of the Border Patrol, modernizing our Nation’s ports of entry, and providing assistance to States and localities to help enforce immigration laws. Rogers has also pushed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) towards the use of cost-effective technology, enhancement of intelligence resources, and application of risked-based solutions. Since the inception of DHS, tremendous progress has been made, including the disruption of several terrorist plots, ending the flawed practice of “catch and release” at the borders, hardening our nation’s critical infrastructure, strengthening controls at ports of entry, and layering a security framework across all modes of transportation.

Members of the GOP National Security Solutions Group include:

• Rep. Peter T. King – Chairman of the National Security Solutions Group
• Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon
• Rep. Peter Hoekstra
• Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
• Rep. Jerry Lewis
• Rep. Lamar Smith
• Rep. Michael Conaway
• Rep. Charles Dent
• Rep. Trent Franks
• Rep. Duncan Hunter
• Rep. Candice Miller
• Rep. Jeff Miller
• Rep. Sue Myrick
• Rep. Hal Rogers
• Rep. Mike Rogers
• Rep. Edward Royce
• Rep. Mac Thornberry
• Rep. Frank Wolf