Press Releases

Today, U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-05) released the following statement upon the introduction of America Speaking Out, an effort by House Republicans to engage the American people in the process of building a new policy agenda for America. Through America Speaking Out, the American people will be given a voice in setting the priorities for a national agenda. This initiative takes place online at the new and interactive

“While Americans have been speaking out, Washington just hasn’t been listening. Liberals in charge of Congress have pursued a partisan agenda, rather than addressing the concerns of the American people. Whether it’s been forcing a government takeover of health care, passing a National Energy Tax, piling up record deficits, or ignoring our nation’s jobs crisis, the actions of this Congress have been contrary to the will of the American people. Citizens everywhere are ready for a new agenda in Washington, and the nation deserves a Congress that acts to implement the priorities of the people.

“House Republicans plan to offer the nation a new set of policy solutions, but rather than handing an agenda down from Washington, we want to include the American people in building it. We have offered our own ideas when we disagreed with the Democrat majority, and we are committed to our principles of a smaller, more accountable government that keeps freedom in the hands of the people. However, we believe that leadership requires the humility to listen to the American people and a recognition that any new agenda should start with them. So to show that the voices of the American people can still make a difference in Washington, we are introducing America Speaking Out and giving citizens a new opportunity to lend their ideas to the creation of a new national policy agenda.

“We are looking for all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, to be a part of this unprecedented dialogue of ideas. Throughout the summer we will be engaging the American people to solicit their priorities and discuss how our principles can be applied to America’s challenges. Through America Speaking Out, the people will have a voice in Washington, as well as a group ready to act on their behalf. I hope the working families, seniors, students, miners, and veterans who proudly make up the 5th Congressional District of Kentucky will let their voices be heard and help America get back on track.”