Press Releases

"The people of Kentucky should be disgusted. In the middle of the night, as families are preparing for Christmas and spending time with their loved ones, the Democrats in the United States Senate brokered their latest plan for a government-take over of your health insurance. As the details of this monstrosity of a bill continue to unfold, we are now finding out that the Senate cut back room deals for certain states and special interests in order to pass a government run insurance plan and raise taxes on hard working Americans.

"This kind of deal making and politics is Washington at its worst. Rather than change you can believe in, this is corruption at the expense of your hard earned money.  Even worse, the sanctity of human life was traded away for votes. Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle fought hard to protect the life of unborn children in the House bill; however, this was thrown away in order to buy votes in the Senate. For the first time in our history, your tax dollars could go toward someone else's abortion.

"At 2,700 pages, the Senate health care bill is a $2.5 trillion government take over of your health insurance that will increase taxes, raise health care costs, mandate what insurance you must buy and fund abortions. Americans do not want to wake up on Christmas morning to find out that their values have been compromised so that Democrats in the Senate can meet an arbitrary deadline for a passing a health care bill. This bill is Washington at its worst and I will continue to vehemently oppose it.

"I want to remind every United States Senator that this misguided and partisan approach to passing a health care bill will impact the lives of every American- whether they like it or not.  Americans will remember this moment, the moment where our freedoms were shut out of the process just so Democrats could pass a government takeover of health care. Americans will not forget that their voices were drowned out because of special interests and partisans Senators who refused to listen to what America is saying. I for one will continue to stand up for Kentuckians, no matter what happens, and fight against politics at its worst."