Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC – For more than 60 years, both chambers of Congress and both political parties have united in support of our U.S. military to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which passed once again in the U.S. House of Representatives this week with support from Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-05), Dean of the House.

The NDAA for fiscal year 2023 authorizes $850 billion in federal funding to support our troops, modernize our military and fast-track military readiness. It includes a 2.4% pay bonus for enlisted service members and a 4.6% pay increase for service members, along with additional allowances to help combat rising inflation rates.

“It is our Congressional duty to provide for national defense and to take care of our military service members. Our military is deeply feeling the pain of inflation, just like families and individuals across the country who are struggling to make ends meet, so we are boosting funds to support military strength and readiness through these difficult times,” said Congressman Rogers. “At the same time, we must be vigilant in our efforts to support allied nations overseas and stand firm against our adversaries.”

In addition to critical funding for national defense and military families, this bill includes required audits of all assistance provided to Ukraine, full funding for the European Deterrence Initiative, a prohibition on U.S. military cooperation with Russia, additional support for the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command to counter Chinese aggression, and reaffirmed support for Taiwan and our Pacific allies. The NDAA also remains focused on countering threats to national security from terrorist organizations and other enemies.

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