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HITCHINS, KY — U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers visited Advanced Carbon Products (ACP) and ACP Technologies (ACP-T) on Friday in Carter County to see how local employees are transforming refining byproducts into new high-tech materials for military systems and vehicles. The facility, located in rural Hitchins, Kentucky, is the first of its kind in the United States. These materials are used to produce carbon fiber, graphite and graphitic foam for military applications. Congressman Rogers joined ACP and ACP-T executives and employees for a formal ribbon cutting celebration to dedicate the facility.

“ACP and ACP-T are fulfilling a great dream of mine - to find new uses for the petroleum and coal byproducts in Eastern Kentucky. In addition to providing a technical solution to the rapidly changing needs of our military, this breakthrough technology could also create jobs and economic growth in our region,” said Congressman Rogers. “Demand for carbon fiber and foam technologies is on the rise. However, sourcing components from China is far too expensive and puts American jobs at risk. Quite frankly, importing byproducts from China is unnecessary with the natural resources and industry we have available in Central Appalachia.”

ACP-T is demonstrating the isotropic and mesophase production process under a pilot project sponsored by the U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC). This pilot project is designed to develop prototype carbon fiber and foam components for military vehicles utilizing byproducts from oil refining.

ACP and ACP-T are currently developing Carbon Fiber and Carbon Foams for the military to reduce vehicle weight; increase range; reduce heat signature; and dissipate heat from engines, electronics, and crew compartments. Graphite microbeads are a core component for all electric vehicle batteries.

“We are grateful for Congressman Roger’s support in developing this breakthrough technology, which was invented by Kentuckians, developed in Eastern Kentucky, and is running here in Carter County,” said ACP President Chris Boyer.

So far, more than 20 local jobs have been created at the Carter County facility, with room to expand.

“I want to commend the ingenuity and hard work by the ACP and ACP-T teams to help both our Commonwealth and our nation,” said Congressman Rogers. “The opportunities to use this new innovative material are endless, and I can’t wait to see the growth of this company in our region.”

ACP-T Ribbon Cutting