Press Releases

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Rep. Harold “Hal” Rogers announces nearly $200 million for flood control projects in Floyd and Johnson Counties. The federal funding will complete long-term disaster recovery projects, including the Town of Martin Redevelopment Plan and provide flood protection in Johnson County. 
The Town of Martin Redevelopment Plan, a flood control project orchestrated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Floyd County, was designed in 2004 to move city residents, businesses and government buildings out of the rural town’s dangerous flood plain. To complete the project, the USACE will utilize $80 million from the federal Storm Supplemental Appropriations for Disasters 2018 Package, which was part of the 2018 Bipartisan Budget Act, supported by Congressman Hal Rogers.  
“We started this unique project 14 years ago to relieve local families and businesses from the constant fear of flooding. It has been a massive undertaking, met with criticism for long delays and unexpected challenges; however, this is good news for the people of Martin. This community has suffered ten major floods in its history, but completion of this critical flood control program is finally in sight,” said Rogers, who has secured nearly $75 million in federal funds for the project since it began in 2004. “Our region has suffered deadly and damaging flash flooding for decades as a result of our mountainous terrain across southern and eastern Kentucky. This mitigation project not only protects the Town of Martin from future flooding, but also provides a beautiful and safe new location for the Floyd County Renaissance Learning Center, Martin City Hall, Police Station, Volunteer Fire Department and a residential area. I applaud the Corps for prioritizing completion of the Town of Martin Redevelopment Plan.” 
According to the USACE, the federal funding will allow them to finalize real estate acquisitions and demolitions, relocation of KY-1428, remove the Water Street bridge, and also complete phase two and three of site construction. The projected completion date is fiscal year 2025. 
“In providing the current working estimates of funds required to fully fund these studies and construction projects, the Corps is showing its commitment to “moving dirt” and, more importantly, to completing studies and construction,” said Mr. R.D. James, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works. 
The USACE will also utilize $118 million from the supplemental funding for a major flood control project in Johnson County. The funding will allow the USACE to complete a detailed project report and implement a flood control plan, which could include a flood wall or levee, floodproofing, flood-safe redevelopment, and relocation of structures or public facilities.  
“The people of Johnson County have long-awaiting assistance for flood protection,” said Rogers. “This project will not only make Johnson County a safer place to live, but also has the potential to lower flood insurance rates and improve business opportunities in the City of Paintsville.”  
The projected duration of the Johnson County flood control plan is to be determined.  
The USACE tables listing the studies and projects receiving funding are posted at under "Supplemental Appropriations for Disasters 2018."