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On Wednesday, legislation was signed into law to protect small to mid-sized employers from job-killing regulations implemented through Obamacare. The Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees (PACE) Act (H.R. 1624) succeeded through the House and Senate last week with support from Congressman Hal Rogers as a cosponsor of the legislation. 

Beginning next year, Obamacare was scheduled to expand the small group market for health insurance from employers with 1-50 employees to those with up to 100 employees. The PACE Act makes the expansion optional for states, maintaining the same health insurance plans for small business workers and employers. 

"Obamacare has created countless disruptions to healthcare coverage and unaffordable premiums since inception, but this law will give each state the freedom to prevent another costly change," said Rogers. "This law gives peace-of-mind to both employees and job creators by allowing them to keep current health insurance plans."

Congressman Brett Guthrie, a member of the Kentucky delegation, authored the legislation that gained bipartisan support. President Obama signed the PACE Act into law on Wednesday evening.