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Rogers Sworn in for 16th Term

Takes Helm of House Appropriations Committee

Last night, U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-05) was sworn in for his 16th term as the representative for Kentucky’s Fifth Congressional District, and begins his tenure of Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee for the 112th Congress.

“It is a true honor to continue my service on behalf of southern and eastern Kentuckians and the nation,” stated Rogers.  “As the U.S. Constitution is read on the House Floor, it should serve as an apt reminder to those in the hallowed halls of Congress of the duties with which we were charged by our founders and the American citizenry.  Today we go to work to ‘secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.’  This starts with reducing the size of government, reining in out-of-control federal spending to control the deficit, holding accountable an overzealous bureaucracy, rolling back Obamacare and other damaging regulations – and returning austerity to the People’s House.  While fully aware of the many challenges ahead, I look forward to the honor and responsibility of leading the Appropriations Committee to move our nation forward.”

Throughout his 30-year tenure in Congress, Rogers has served on eight different Appropriations Subcommittees, including leadership roles as Chairman or Ranking Member of three.  Rogers was tapped in 2003 to lead the newly established Subcommittee on Homeland Security, where he oversaw the successful integration of 22 disparate agencies during the Department’s inception.  Because of his reputation for tough oversight and tenacity in holding federal agencies and departments accountable for their wasteful spending and excessive growth, Rogers was selected as Chairman of the full Appropriations Committee in the 112th Congress.  In this role, he aims to scrutinize the federal budget through tough oversight, rein in wasteful government spending, and reduce our country’s deficit for generations to come.

Rogers has served Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District since 1981. With a focus on economic development, access to affordable health care, job creation, fighting illegal drugs and preserving Appalachia’s natural treasures, he has a reputation for listening to his constituents and fighting for the region he represents.  For more information visit