Press Releases

U.S. Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers (KY-05) on students returning to school this August:

“Hello. This is Congressman Hal Rogers.

“It’s a busy time of the year as families prepare their children to go back to school. Education is the building block for future success. Our children and grandchildren will be the future leaders of our communities, state and nation. The opportunities that exist are endless.

“We must be vigilant and encourage our students to stay in school, to take advantage of all that our local schools offer, and remind them of the importance of getting a good education so that they are able to go forward and achieve their dreams.

“Right here in southern and eastern Kentucky we are blessed with many unique programs that provide leadership skills for our students and positive messages to guide them on their path to success.

“Throughout our communities, 76 UNITE clubs exist in 24 counties. These clubs teach our students about the dangers of drugs and the importance of being a positive influence in the community.

“In addition to UNITE clubs, Operation UNITE offers archery in schools, Camp UNITE, Shoot Hoops Not Drugs and Hooked on Fishing so that our children have positive activities and role-models in their lives.

“I would also encourage all parents to teach your children to take PRIDE in the environment. Hundreds of outdoor classrooms can be found in our local schools- from nature trails to greenhouses, PRIDE clubs are encouraging our youth to take personal responsibility for the environment around them.

“Our youth are the hope of our communities and we should continue to support their education and provide them with the skills they need to lead our region forward.”