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WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Rep. Harold "Hal" Rogers (KY-05) applauds the National Science Foundation's Noyce Teacher Scholarship award of nearly $1.2 million to Morehead State University (MSU), which will provide 34 scholarships, up to $10,000 for up to two years, for junior and senior MSUTeach students.

The grant supports MSU's program "Preparing Secondary Teachers of Mathematics and Science in Rural Districts," aimed at recruiting undergraduate majors in biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics, or physics to prepare them to become secondary science and mathematics teachers. The project is designed to increase the number of undergraduate STEM majors becoming secondary STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathmatics) teachers in the high-need districts of rural Eastern Kentucky. 

"The number of jobs available in STEM-related fields is skyrocketing, along with higher educational requirements to compete in those industries," said Congressman Hal Rogers. "These scholarships will give MSUTeach students a competitive edge in the rapidly growing STEM fields. I applaud MSU for recognizing a critical need for college students in Eastern Kentucky and providing a pathway for success that will also benefit local high school students in our region."

As a condition of the acceptance of the scholarship, MSU Noyce Scholars agree to serve as a STEM teacher in a high-need local educational agency for two years, for each full-year of a scholarship received, to be fulfilled within eight years after completing the program.

“Morehead State University has prepared teachers since its inception in 1880s. The Noyce Scholarship funding provides the opportunity for MSU to build on this tradition through our newly approved MSUTeach curriculum," said Dr. Edna O. Schack, co-director of MSUTeach. "Noyce Scholars will benefit from this solid mathematics and science content integrated with effective teaching methods. As part of this rigorous curriculum, MSU Noyce Scholars will practice teaching in carefully planned clinical experiences with our partner districts.”

MSU will collaborate with Carter, Fleming, and Rowan County School Districts in Kentucky and the Bronx, New York New World High School. 

MSU Noyce Scholars will engage in the rigorous MSUTeach curriculum, a replication of the successful UTeach model integrating pedagogy with mathematics and science content. Additionally, Scholars will collaborate with secondary teachers and MSU faculty on designing and implementing a cross-cultural STEM Speaker Series for high school students. Select Noyce Scholars will participate in a one week onsite clinical experience with students, faculty, and staff of the New World High School. Beyond financial assistance, MSU Noyce Scholars will benefit from 1) the collegiality and educative effects of participating in a Noyce cohort, 2) participation in cross-cultural experiences to develop knowledge of economic and cultural challenges related to STEM development in high-need areas, and 3) the opportunity to become a leader in larger regional STEM initiatives.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported the STEM group that is projected to grow fastest from 2014 to 2024 is the mathematical science occupations group at 28.2 percent, compared with the average projected growth for all occupations of 6.5 percent.

Applications for the Morehead State University Noyce Scholarships will be available in Fall 2017.  For further information about MSUTeach, visit