Rogers, Hal

Contact: Jennifer Hing, Appropriations Committee Communications Director

Appropriations Committee Cuts Its Own Budget by 9%
Rogers: Budget Cuts Start Here and Now

Washington, January 4, 2011 -

Incoming House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers today announced that the annual operating budget for the House Appropriations Committee will take a 9% cut from last year’s levels. The cut is part of a proposal by Republican leadership in the House to trim the overall budgets of all Members of Congress, committees, and leadership offices. While the average cut will be 5% across these offices, Rogers directed his Committee to take the much larger 9% cut, emphasizing his commitment to significantly reducing government spending.

“Congress must begin immediately to reduce spending, and these budget cuts should start here and now – in our own offices. To demonstrate my strong commitment to slashing spending, reducing our national deficit, and getting our economy on track, I have directed my own Committee budget to be cut by nearly double the amount of reductions proposed for other House offices. This year, the Appropriations Committee will be ground zero for a wide range of reductions across the federal government, and by cutting our own budget first, we are showing we’re willing to lead by example,” Rogers said.

The proposed legislation for the House budget cuts will save taxpayers an estimated $35 million in the first year alone. The bill is expected to be voted on by the full House on Thursday, January 6th.