Rogers, Hal

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House Democrats Sideline National Security Priorities

Washington, DC, July 27, 2010 -

U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-05) released the following statement today after the House Democrats postponed the FY 2011 Mark-up of the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill:

“Let me be clear, my Republican colleagues and I stand ready to roll up our sleeves and go to work on securing the homeland. It has been over one month since the Homeland Security subcommittee diligently did its work and got this bill moving forward. This is a year in which we’ve seen terrorist attempts on inbound aircraft, at New York’s Times Square, and on U.S. military installations. Meanwhile, our nation faces serious security challenges along our border from a vicious and bloody drug war and grapples with a catastrophic oil spill. With today’s last minute cancellation and the six-month long senseless maze for the wartime supplemental, I’m left wondering where the priority is on putting our nation’s security first in front of liberal social experiments and more failed bailouts.”