Since I arrived on Capitol Hill in 1981, I have been in constant contact with leaders across Southern and Eastern Kentucky to address the unique needs in each county, as well as issues that span the entire district. From those conversations and meetings, I launched several initiates, taking a grassroots approach to make our region a better place to live.

Through non-profit organizations and thousands of volunteers, we are creating jobs, cleaning our environment, attacking the drug epidemic head-on, beautifying our region, marketing tourism, providing educational scholarships, hosting performing arts and cultural events, training our workforce, working to improve homeland security and much more. Together, the employees and volunteers of each initiative are taking responsibility to do their own part to improve their communities and hometowns. For years, our youth had to leave our region to get educated and get a job. Today, we're making great strides in our future and creating our own opportunities for the up-coming leaders of our rural region.

I invite you to click on each initiative to learn more about what they do and how you can get involved.