One of the most common issues that affect people across Southern and Eastern Kentucky is Medicare. Whether you need help enrolling in Medicare or have questions about your current health care plan, I will try to help. 

Please fill out a privacy release form and send it to my office so I can begin working on your case.
If you need help getting Medicare, send your privacy release form to my District Office in Somerset, Kentucky.
If you are already enrolled in Medicare and need help with an issue, please send your privacy release form to my District Office in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Who is eligible to enroll in Medicare?

I lost my Medicare card. How do I get a new one?

How can I get help with Medicare Part D?

Will my Medicare Part B premium increase in 2010?

How do I submit a Medicare claim (bill)?

Although I am able to walk, I have a difficult time walking long distances. Would Medicare allow payment for a wheelchair or Power Operated Vehicle (POV)?

Social Security Administration Medicare Web Site

For hundreds of frequently asked questions, visit the Official U.S. Government website for people with Medicare.
The official Medicare website offers answers to more than 700 questions about Medicare.